Susan Duhan Felix, Ceramic Artist

Ancestors Installation

My work is pit fired ceramic. Pit firing, one of the most primitive of firing methods, requires surrender of control over results. I surrender my artwork and control to fire and trust in what will emerge. This process is dependent on trust and faith. Just as one day can be more beautiful than the next, I am given differing blessings from the pit. A few are more amazing than others. As we can trust in the light returning on a daily basis, I have come to trust the powerful pieces emerging from the flames. I am drawn to the mystery and magic of the ancient and try to evoke similar responses in my art. The Hebrew words for faith, emunah and art, omanut come from the same root. My pieces represent the constant struggle to find the light amidst the darkness and chaos of our lives.


My show has been extended through Saturday, August 19th. The “closing party” is still August 15th 5-6:30 pm at the GTU Library 2400 Ridge Road in Berkeley. There will be a tour at 5:15 pm. Reception with food, music and dancing to follow.

I will have two collaborative pieces that I did with Arash Shirinbab in the Calligraphies in Conversation show at the San Francisco Public Library at 100 Larkin St. The Exhibit open Sunday, September 17th, 1-3pm in the Skylight Gallery. Their exhibits are usually beautifully presented and you will be able to meet the artists. It is free and refreshments will be included.

Lester Chambers, “Stay Amazed Star” will be performing at Rudramandir on September 21st at the Aquarian Minyan New Year’s “Party”.

Please take a look at my New Work, Ritual Objects, and Other Works page.

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